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Nicholas J. Marino & Co., Inc. has over 47 years experience in offering employee benefit programs to both the public and private sector. Read More >
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About Nicholas J. Marino and Co., Inc.

Experience Makes a Difference

Nicholas J. Marino & Co., Inc. has over 47 years experience in offering employee benefit programs to both the public and private sector. As we specialize in benefits only, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in developing a coherent, cost-effective, attractive program and to communicate those programs effectively to your employees.

Through discussion with you, we seek to make clear your purposes and priorities, in order to establish what changes, if any, are appropriate in regards to your overall objectives. Each benefit will be evaluated separately, from several viewpoints (design, adequacy, funding and administration), and also as part of the total package. Even if short-term cost containment is not a pressing concern, we will suggest possible cost savings, if they can be achieved without adversely affecting plan participants. We will also suggest strategies which may help to achieve long-term cost savings.

Helping You to Communicate Your Benefit Package to Employees

It is not sufficient for an employer to simply provide a superior benefits package. The benefits must also be effectively communicated, which should ideally involve a continuing dialog between the employer and the employees. Employees can be expected to appreciate their benefits and to use them effectively only if they understand the benefits available to them, as well as the limitation on those benefits.

We believe that counseling employees on these issues can be beneficial both to the employer and to the employees. In the case of active employees, you are assisting them to make more informed decisions in areas where most people do not feel confident in their ability to make the right decision. By so doing, you cannot only help them to help themselves, but give them considerable reassurance. For employees approaching retirement, you can assist them not only to make the difficult transition from active employment to retirement, but also to plan for their retirement years and budget accordingly.

We constantly review and monitor various health plans offered throughout the area to be certain your program remains competitive. From simple administrative problems to intervening with regard to complex problem claims, our many years of experience have enabled us to maintain a large client base, many of which we have long-term relationships.

We welcome the opportunity to offer these services to your corporation. Contact us now for more information.